Head Ashmont




Ashmont School emerges as an answer to the constant search for innovation in education so our students can stand up against international challenges.


Our team has over 30 years of academic experience dedicated to full time education, always looking for the perfection of the self and the personal development of our student towards international excellence in the academic area.


Our actual scope and sequence use of Neuropsychology applied to education, where the student is capable of merging all his senses into one single objective to create significant knowledge.


We work Preschool, Elementary and Jr. High School with 20 student groups maximum. This way our teachers are in full position of knowing the individual abilities and capabilities of each student.


We focus school’s objectives in acquiring skills, based on cooperative work and through play. Furthermore we develop reflexive thinking, allowing our students to exploit their critical thinking skills.

As we prepare for the future at Ashmont School we promote an entrepreneur profile in our kids. Our main objective is focused to feed the “know how” because we believe that 21st century education demands that people has to be able to perform in any scenario.


The information is ready to be used and available for everyone, what we need to know is how to use it and how to convert it into something useful. Although sometimes useful, there is no extra bonus for memorizing data, what we need is to create.

Our technique is based in Neuropsychology applied to education. How does our brain learn better? The essential work resides in using both brain hemispheres at the same time through our senses.